What is the Best Drone for Kids? The Syma X5C

If you’re looking for the best drone for kids, then look no further than the Syma X5C. As one of the best selling hobby drones for kids on Amazon, you can be confident in this purchase. My 6 year old nephew learned how to fly this drone pretty good in just a few days. Lets just say his friends are pretty jealous of his sweet drone skills!

A drone with a camera is the best drone for kidsDesigned with the beginner in mind, this is one drone that will fly successfully even if you are not the most coordinated kid or adult on the block. You’ll notice that this quadcopter is very stable, even in slight winds.

To top things off, this thing is durable! I’ve had drones that break from the slightest bumps. This isn’t one of them. Crash it into walls, the floor, etc, and this thing keeps on going!

Syma X5C Remote Control which is great for kidsWith kids in mind, safety is a big concern. One of the best features of the Syma X5C is the protective guards around the blades to add a level of safety and protection to prevent injury.

Also, as you should be aware, propellor blades are definitely going to get damaged. This is just a reality of flying drones and no amount of skill can prevent this 100%. With that in mind, the Syma X5C comes with a set of 4 replacement propellors, but I do recommend purchasing more just to be safe.

Did I mention that the Syma X5C is the Best Drone for Kids with a Camera?

A drone with a camera for kids, children, teens, or even adultsThat’s right! This drone comes with an HD camera, but to be honest, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. At 2mp, this more closely resembles an old webcam than anything else. However, with kids in mind, this will be good enough for them. Knowing how kids like to find trouble, it’s probably a good thing that this camera isn’t 4k! However, at this price, it’s definitely a great addition for the beginning drone enthusiast.

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Cool Features of this Drone that Kids will Love

For starters, as with most drones, kids will get about 6-8 minutes of flight time on a 60 – 100 minute charge.

If that doesn’t sound great, you can pick up this 6-pack of batteries for roughly $20: (Over 140 5-star reviews)

Keenstone 6 Pice 720mAh 20C battery with 6-Port Quick Charger for Syma X5

Measurements of the Syma X5C drone for kids
Measuring at just 31cm x 31cm x 8cm, it’s definitely sized right for kids. Not tiny like the mini cheerson drone, and definitely not large, like the DJI Phantom 4 Drone with a camera and GPS.

It is remote controllable (included) up to 50 meters which is a great feature of the best drones for kids.
With it’s 6-axis Gyro stabilization system, your kids will enjoCool Drone feature - 360 degree eversiony a VERY smooth flight.
However, I saved the coolest part for last. Your kids will be able to perform awesome flips at the press of a button with Syma X5C’s 360 degree eversion!

Indoors or outdoors, this is hands down the best beginners drone for kids and I know they’re gonna love it!

To sum it all up!

With OVER 1,800 5-star reviews, you can rest assured that the Syma X5C is definitely the best drone for kids!

Or, check out the new & upgraded Syma X5C-1

Also, don’t forget to pick up some Keenstone 6 pack 720mAh batteries with Quick Charger for the Syma X5C & X5C-1. Your kids will thank you!

Check out this video by Owen’s Lego Lab:

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